June 18th Crop Update

Thursday, June 18th, 2015

Two weeks ago we were in desperate need of rain and now it can stop anytime. The last two weeks of excessive rain has caused severe flooding and killing of crops in low lying areas. To the north appears rains have been just the right amount

 Corn is moving right along and the most advanced fields have rows filling in. On some fields you can see bleached leaves coming out. This is called rapid growth syndrome and usually happens in good growing conditions when corn is in the 10 leaf range.  Most corn will easily be past knee high by the 4th of July

 The most advanced soybean fields are in the 4th trifoliate stage and you can see flower buds forming in the leaf axels. On the fields that were frozen and replanted, they are at unifoliate.   The early planted fields are starting to advance quickly. Resprays must get done as soon as fields dry up. For most part weed control has looked good with no till fields having fewer weed escapes then worked fields.  In areas with excessive water, some of the herbicide could be washed away and we may see some late season weed escapes. We are planning on having a couple of training sessions on Priaxor on soybeans first part of July

 The edible beans have taken it the hardest. Once fields dry up, do stand assessment.  As the calendar moves on, options for replanting becomes less. Latest I have seen white beans replanted is July 1 and they out yielded the early planted field the grower had. Only problem is getting them dry in late October.


Wayne Wheeler - CCA ON


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